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It always amazes me that when it comes to business values, there is an inevitable cross between personal values and that of the values you set for your business. This always brings me back to the fact that we do business with people, not places! A company or business does not exist without the heart that is its people.

When meeting with potential new clients I always tell them that this is who I am, that my business is me and that if they don’t feel an instant connection with me, we are simply not a good fit. Meaningful relationship exist because of a connection made and those connections cannot be faked. I don’t ever feel offended if people don’t sign up because I know that it’s bets in the long run – for BOTH of us.

Okay so that was a rather deep start to this blog post 🤣 but it is a little difficult not to go over board when it comes to values.

Values are the DNI of your business!

Your business values is what keeps your clients loyal, what keeps them coming back and what makes them choose you over any other competitor every time! Values allow clients to make a connection to a business on a more meaningful level. Generally you will find that those social groups you belong to (a motorbike club, the gym, church, rotary, local yokel) are as a result of shared values!

I belong to the Local Yokel group here in East London. I chose for my business to belong to this group because I value supporting local and how it improves my city. Again I chose to align my business with this initiative (headed up by Meg Devan) because of a shared value. Do I still shop online from time to time – off course I do – but I value supporting local first and will as far as possible still try to find what I’m looking for locally before resorting to shopping outside of town. It’s just a way of thinking!

So how do you determine your business values? I would sit down with a big cup of tea (just like my famous “bowl“) or a glass of wine, if that’s how you roll, and ponder what makes you special. What are the things that really move you, the things that come to mind when you think of the universe and how you give back! Remember, as I’ve stated in my Values vs. Value video… world peace and being the best you isn’t exactly something that makes you unique, is something you’re most probably never going to achieve (let’s just get real here) and it is most definitely not something anyone will ever remember you for. I shared a video on Facebook earlier this week explaining this in a little more detail so be sure to check it out here 👈🏻

Two of my own business values include:

  1. Personal Relationships. When business owners work with me, they know that their interests become my interests and that their business becomes an extension of my own. I am not a hit and run one stop shop! The value this has for my client is that he/she knows wholeheartedly that I am personally invested in any design or strategy I suggest and that nothing is just an easy quick fix.
  2. Professionalism. As a brand communicator I cannot emphasize how pedantic I can be when it comes to professionalism. I might not always like things but I will remain professional even if it kills me. This one is particularly relevant when it comes to social media. I manage a wide variety of social media accounts and I can do my nut in when I see posts on some of these Facebook pages where someone is ranting about something that went wrong and they don’t explain the situation in full. They paint the situation in a way that “sweetens” the story to get more reactions. Do I want to spill the beans and tell everyone what exactly went down… HELL YES! Do I do that… HELL NO! I politely thank them for their comment, apologize for their bad experience and ask for their contact details so that we can address this matter. The value this has for my client, is that they know I will never create an uncomfortable situation and embarrass them in any way. They also know that even if they disagree or dislike something I have designed, we will work through it in a professional manner.

Can you see from the above how values are connected to your business? If you start of knowing exactly what your values are, you can focus on them not only to keep you on track but to make use of them when building a strategy later one.

This is the official first step of my 2018 Business Planning Starts Now series and I hope you’re in it for the long haul, don’t do this and be done! Keep an eye out for the steps to follow by keeping an eye on my Facebook page @LeciaAmaralDesigns and be sure to sign up to the mailing list so that you can get your hands on all of the worksheets (such as the values worksheet)

I hope I have sparked some creative value thinking and that you are as excited about the remainder of this journey as I am. Together we will plan and conquer! I look forward to the next step and welcome any feedback you have on the series thus far. Feel free to post any questions directly here on my blog, contact me via email or say hello on Facebook.

See you on the online side.


  1. Meg on 11/11/2017 at 3:17 PM

    Well done Lecia- you’re a really clever chickadee 🐥

  2. Chantal Bezuidenhout on 11/12/2017 at 9:07 PM

    Spot on Lecia! So often our business is an extension of ourselves – so it will always boil down to the relationships. As a matter of interest, I believe that I only have one value. What’s your opinion on that?

  3. Lecia Amaral on 11/13/2017 at 9:25 AM

    Awesome I’m so glad you enjoyed the read and yes, I agree that you should have one main core value that is sort of like your top priority but to expand and to grow you also need a few other values that align with your true passion. It’s all part of the mix that makes your business unique!

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